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Sanctuary & Hiraeth – MWRA 2019 calendar

New year, new calendar. Hiraeth (Welsh) is the feeling towards the places, the people, the situations…. that you love but you don’t have anymore, what you miss but you wish, that space where one day you will want to come back, it’s nostalgia and joy in one. Sanctuary is where you find yourself comfortable, where you grow as …

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Walk to the west

In the winter of 2017 a group of 6 people from a Welsh organization, Mid-Wales Refugee Action, went to volunteer in “La Liniere” refugee camp in Dunkirk. Apart from bringing a load of much-needed donations, they spent a week working in the camp alongside Kesha Niya, an organization which among other things provides daily meals, …

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Ein gwaith

Nod Y Canolbarth Dros Ffoaduriaid yw cefnogi ffoaduriaid, trwy ddarparu gwirfoddolwyr i weithio mewn gwersylloedd a chanolfannau dosbarthu, trwy godi arian a chasglu rhoddion megis dillad, dillad gwely a phethau hanfodol eraill Nid ydym yn gysylltiedig ag unrhyw blaid wleidyddol neu sefydliad crefyddol. Eisoes, rydym wedi trefnu 4 o deithiau ble’r aeth gwirfoddolwyr i Ogledd …

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A Humanitarian Crisis

The world is facing an unprecedented displacement crisis, more than 65 million people are forcibly displaced as a result of violent conflicts and natural disasters. In 2015, over 1 million people – refugees, displaced persons and other migrants – have made their way to the EU, either escaping conflict in their country and in search …

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What we do

Graffiti of a child looking trough a telescope on the beach of Calais

Mid-Wales Refugee Action aims to support refugees by providing volunteers to go and work in camps and distribution centres, fundraise and collect donations such as clothes, bedding and other essential items We are not linked to any political parties or religious organisations. We have organized many trips that have taken volunteers to the North of France …

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