Sanctuary & Hiraeth – MWRA 2019 calendar

New year, new calendar.

Hiraeth (Welsh) is the feeling towards the places, the people, the situations…. that you love but you don’t have anymore, what you miss but you wish, that space where one day you will want to come back, it’s nostalgia and joy in one. Sanctuary is where you find yourself comfortable, where you grow as a human, where people are welcoming, it is the place you don’t want to leave.

People from everywhere find themselves in Hiraeth looking for Sanctuary. In Mid-wales Refuge Action we know it, we feel it. We want to be Sanctuary for those who had to leave the place they love. We want to make Machynlleth, Wales, the UK and the World a welcoming place for all. And if they ever have to leave us, we want them to remember us with love, we know they will feel Hiraeth.

Under a deep and meaningful theme, Sanctuary & Hiraeth, 12 local artists have given us their beautiful work to fill up the pages of the months of your coming year.

Love from all at Mid-Wales Refugee Action

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