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Posted 3 days ago

Today we joined groups from across Europe to protest at the EU comission in Brussels and stand in soldarity with those impeded by the brutal border policies of the EU governments, to say enough is enough. As the sting of tear gas hit our eyes from the nearby ‘gilet jaunes’ protests, it is time for movements across the globe to unite against the repression of migrants and for a just, sustainable, equitable future. ... See MoreSee Less


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Well done. Did you get any response?

Posted 5 days ago

Police violence in Calais.

Shocking. Nearly 1,000 human rights violations in 1 year.

read full report here: docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/5eb73a_ae875cd65dcc434588a7a69ed4cf3167.pdf
Thanks to Refugee Info Bus

Refugee Info Bus حافلة المعلومات للاجئين مسیر راهنمای پناهندگان
“The police come in the night time. Maybe 2 o’clock [in the morning] they come and we are three person in our tent. [They] Rip the tent, and spray inside... That time we didn’t sleep all the night because our whole body was feeling crushed” Since the destruction of the ‘Jungle’ in 2016 displaced people continue to live in destitute conditions around fields and woodlands in Northern France. Beyond the hardships of being displaced and homeless in a country far away from home, refugees are subjected to abominable levels of police violence on a daily basis. A team of volunteers have been documenting the human rights violations that refugees have faced over the past year and have put together their findings in a report entitled ‘Police violence in Calais - Abusive and illegal practices by law enforcement officers.’ The link to this report can be found on our web page https://www.refugeeinfobus.com/refugee-info-bus-refugee-rights-eur The findings in this report are shocking, the fact that these kinds of injustices are being inflicted on vulnerable people in France in the 21st Century is a disgrace. Please, READ, SHARE and ADVOCATE for an end to this kind of cruelty.
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