Machynlleth #bridgesnotwalls

Mid-Wales Activists join 100’s of groups across the UK In protest against the inauguration against Donald Trump

As part of a national day of action,  activists dropped 2 large  banners from the iconic Dyfi  bridge Friday 20th January  to send a simple and hopeful message calling for a just and fair world without borders. a spokesperson for Mid-Wales Refugee Action said “We want 2017 to be a year of building bridges not walls, for a world that is peaceful, just and free of oppression.”

The two 5 metre banners were unfurled along the Dyfi bridge, activists will joined hands together along the length of the bridge to symbolise unity. The action is part of 100’s of #BridgesnotWalls banner drops  that are taking place across the UK to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States of America. Over 140 groups have registered to take part in action on bridges across the UK from large bridges such as Westminster bridge to symbolic crossing points such as the Dyfi Bridge.

  Mid- Wales Refugee Action said that “ The Dyfi bridge is a crossing point between North and South Wales, bridging communities and bringing people together. Whilst Teresa May, Donald Trump and Nigel Farage would rather build walls to keep people out. We say build communities, build bridges and build a better fairer world.”

The call for action came from Bridges Not Walls, an unprecedented partnership between grassroots activists and campaigners working on a range of different issues that  has sprung up in response to Donald Trump’s US election victory. The joint project, called Bridges Not Walls, was inspired by Trump’s widely derided election pledge to build a vast wall between the US and Mexico to prevent Hispanic immigrants from crossing the border.

Mid Wales Refugee Action said “Friday’s action is not just about  Donald Trump.  Mainstream media and establishment politicians on both sides of the Atlantic are helping to create a new normal where bigotry and extreme right wing views are accepted as an everyday part of life.  It is vital that we stand together to oppose this threat to our democracy.”

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