Mid Wales Refugee Action Calls On Welsh Government To Do More To Help Child Refugees

Members of Mid Wales Refugee Action call on Carwyn Jones and Welsh Government to do more to help unaccompanied minors. This is a copy of the letter that was delivered to him today.

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Dear Sir

We are deeply saddened and horrified by the decision of the UK Government to limit the number of unaccompanied child refugees to be relocated to Britain under the Dubs Amendment to a paltry 350, rather than the 3000 Lord Alfred Dubs calculated would be our fair share.

These children, of all refugees, are the most vulnerable. At the time of the first clearance of the so called Calais “Jungle” 147 children simply disappeared. There is significant evidence that shows that unaccompanied minors are vulnerable to sexual exploitation and abuse, trafficking and death by misadventure on their perilous journeys across Europe

We are calling on yourself and the Welsh Government to take urgent action and restate your readiness to play our full part in responding to this humanitarian crisis;

– by petitioning the Home Office to reverse their decision on Dubs’ amendment and immediately allow the relocation of unaccompanied child refugees to the UK.

– Make clear Wales’ commitment to becoming a Nation of Sanctuary and commit Wales to providing refuge to those escaping conflict and persecution

– Ensure that a fair share of Dubs’ children can be resettled and supported within Wales.

We acknowledge the success with which a handful of Syrian families have been settled in Wales; this nation which has sent its own sons and daughters to all corners of the world and has a long and proud history of diverse communities has welcomed those in need with open arms.

It is time for us to do more, something that we can be proud of and that history will judge us well for.

Yours Sincerely

Kim Bryan and Claire Anthony on behalf of Mid Wales Refugee Action