#1DayWithoutUs Campaigners Organise Day of Protest and Celebration in Montgomeryshire


‘One Day Without Us’ is a national day of action on the 20th of January to highlight and celebrate the contribution of migrants to the UK. Campaigners for Mid-Wales Refugee Action have organised a series of events to bring attention to the impact of Brexit on migrants.

Campaigners from Mid-wales Refugee Action will erected a mini refugee camp outside MP Glyn Davies constituency office to highlight the negative impact of his support for leaving the Europe Union and his hard-line stance on refusing child refugees entry to the UK.

Tegwen Brickley spokesperson for Mid-Wales refugee action said;
“Glyn Davies has an appalling track record, he voted against child refugees being allowed to enter the UK,  leaving thousands of children desperately vulnerable to trafficking, sexual exploitation and death.”

Kim Bryan, mother of 3 dual nationality Spanish/ British children now threatened with separation from the children’s father due to Brexit said;

“Glyn Davies voted against allowing EU citizens living in Britain the right to remain in the EU, resulting in tens of thousands of families, including my own, threatened with separation. I simply don’t know what to tell my children when they ask me if there dad is going to be allowed to stay here, it’s heart-breaking.”

Participants of the actions include friends and families of EU citizens and migrants, and supporters of refugee rights.

Tegwen Brickley said;

“We have had enough of our MP’s politics of hate, we did not vote for this. We believe that in our constituency of Montgomeryshire we should stand together. One Day Without Us is a celebration of the people from all over the world that live in our area and bring diversity to our culture. We will stand by the many families from the EU and beyond who are threatened by separation as a result of Brexit and continue to campaign for the UK to allow child refugee’s entry to the UK.”

Following the protest in Welshpool, there will be a community picnic with live music, 1pm at Machynlleth clock tower to highlight and celebrate the contribution that migrants have made to the area

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