Our stories

This is a page where we gather testimonies, thoughts and ideas from people who have visited camps. Please note they are the opinion of the individuals and not necessarily of the group.

Walk to the west

In the winter of 2017 a group of 6 people from a Welsh organization, Mid-Wales Refugee Action, went to volunteer in “La Liniere” refugee camp in Dunkirk. Apart from bringing a load of much-needed donations, they spent a week working in the camp alongside Kesha Niya, an organization which among other things provides daily meals, heating and cooking wood for refugees, as well as volunteers helping in the women’s centre and children centre. More than 1000 migrants live in the camp, mostly from conflict areas in the Middle East. They live in small wooden shelters built one year earlier, by volunteers from Medecins Sans Frontieres.

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Volunteering with Kesha Niya

In December 2016 a group of volunteers from Machynlleth went to work with the Kesha Niya collective. This article is an exploration of one of the person’s experiences working in the La Liniere refugee camp.



Reports from the Calais Jungle

In the Summer of 2016 a group of around 20 people went to work in the Calais Jungle and distribution centers in the area. This report is a reflection on their experiences

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